Meet the Maker

Hi, I’m Rachel, founder and owner of Stitches & Bones! We are located in the Metro Phoenix Arizona area, primarily operating online with occasional in-person vendor events! 

I started S&B because I found it extremely difficult to find any year round alternative themed pet gear. I noticed a lot of the custom collar shops provided generic designs made with cheap basic bag hardware, incorrect fabric and thread type, and off-brand Biothane that doesn’t stand up to the elements as they claim. 
Since I started Stitches & Bones in 2021, it’s quickly become one of the most popular custom pet gear shops online. S&B’s goal is to help you style your pets in an aesthetic that matches your alternative, spooky, witchy soul while providing safe and comfortable accessories.

S&B spends endless hours sourcing the best high quality custom hardware, fabric and Biothane you can find. I make sure to provide you with a well made item that won’t be an ill-fitting, bulky and basic eyesore. You’ll discover several hardware color options and sizes that pair perfectly with over 400 of our available prints. We carry decorative rivets and screws for Biothane collars you won’t find anywhere else!

If you find it difficult color matching, sizing, or locating that print no one else carries, reach out to us! Our world-class customer service team will go above and beyond to help you design your perfect pet accessories you have in mind!
Our pets deserve the best of the best. You wouldn’t give your children something that won’t last or falls apart, so why should our furbabies be treated any differently?
Still don’t believe us? Check out our reviews, join our online community and interact with alt pet parents like you!